Halo TM5 Monitoring Unit

Monitoring Cooling for Server Racks and Micro Datacenters

June is the beginning of summer in the UK, and although it started quietly and mildly, it is getting hotter now. What does that mean for server cabinets, especially in offices and factories, otherwise known as ‘edge’ locations? To maintain a safe and continuous IT network, IT managers must successfully manage the heat created by servers in racks. At Maxi-Cool, we believe active cooling systems can achieve this for racks and comprehensively monitor the cooling systems.

As the ambient temperature rises, everything gets hotter. Servers in single rack units, server rooms, or data centers add to the heat, and as the airflow is warmer, the servers have to work harder, and the cooling systems have to work harder to keep them cool. Increased ambient heat can cause problems for servers as all the components need to work harder in the heat. Overheating can result in slow processing speeds, loss of processing power and data, component damage, and a total system breakdown in the worst scenario. 

One of the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly ways to manage heat generated by servers in cabinets is through active precision cooling. Active cooling systems target the servers directly, reacting specifically to the heat generated by servers. By cooling individual racks rather than an entire server room, you’re using energy more efficiently and reducing your carbon footprint. Active server cooling systems are also more cost-effective than cooling server rooms as demonstrated in this comparison https://maxi-cool.co.uk/halo.

Another way to manage the heat generated by servers, especially in hot weather, is a cooling monitoring system. IT monitoring has become highly sophisticated and granular. Nowadays, sensors and software are available to monitor most components for performance. Monitoring an active cooling system is the strongest solution to managing the heat generated by servers and gives the best chance of understanding the impact of heat on each cabinet and each cooling system. 

At Maxi-Cool, we have developed a monitoring system for our active server rack cooling systems. Our monitoring system is comprehensive, allowing customers to collect data 24/7 and use it to offset problems before they happen. It includes sensors for temperature, humidity, airflow, power, smoke, leak detection, Door Entry, Movement, and fluid temperature. The system is directly connected to the network and features an internal web sensor, making real-time monitoring and configuration accessible from any network-connected PC. Our system will notify you via email, SMS, text messages, mobile apps, local alarms, or third-party monitoring software if a question arises over a threshold within the cooling system, providing you with real-time updates and giving you the confidence that your system is always under control.

Maxi-Cool Monitoring is available as part of a new cabinet and is retrofittable for existing customers. Please get in touch to discuss any aspect of active server rack cooling and monitoring; we would love to hear from you! Contact us by email at info@maxi-cool.co.uk, by phone at 01733873262, or visit our website for more information: https://maxi-cool.co.uk.