Halo TM5 Monitoring Unit

Monitoring Cooling for Server Racks and Micro Datacenters

June is the beginning of summer in the UK, and although it started quietly and mildly, it is getting hotter now. What does that mean for server cabinets,…
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How To Cool a Server Rack

How to Cool a Server Rack

As the world's temperature rises, the urgency of server cooling becomes increasingly apparent. This blog aims to shed light on the various methods of cooling a server rack,…
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Cooling for single server and micro data centres

Cooling for Single Server Cabinets and Micro Data Centres

erver cooling is always essential, especially now with the increase in edge computing, AI, the IoT and 5G within businesses and the development of automation and manufacturing 4.0…
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Data Centre January

New Year Cooling

At Maxi-Cool we produce energy-efficient cooling systems for server racks and when we look at the technology trends for the coming years we are primarily interested in the…
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server racks - maxicool

Server racks: The foundation of IT functions

So what are server racks? Server racks provide consolidated server and network control where all the servers are in one place.
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Computer room air conditioning CRAC

Server Rack Cooling – Maxi-Cool is a standalone CRAC unit

A CRAC unit is a critical piece of cooling equipment that precisely manages & controls the temperature & humidity of a computer room space.
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Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working: Future of IT Infrastructure in Offices

Given the increase in internet connectivity in the last ten years, some organisations have successfully promoted hybrid working.
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Maximise Engineering Services Celebrates 20 years in Business

In the past 20 years, James has grown the business to include four key areas: automation, machine sales, parts and services.
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IT in manufacturing

Maxi-Cool and Manufacturing Sites

The role of IT in production manufacturing is critical to all aspects of the business. From 3D modelling and data storage. To the running of the factory floor…
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the development IT hardware to support new software

Sustainability, Web3, and Edge Computing: What to expect in 2023

Maxi-Cool works within the broader tech space, taking note of new trends and forecasts, to consistently drive their business
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Green Technology & Server Cooling

Green Technology and Server Cooling

In server cooling, green technologies are improvements to standard practices that mitigate the impact of industrial cooling on the environment.
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Server Cooling Efficiency

Maxi-Cool’s Cooling Efficiency Chart Explained

Integrated cooling systems like Maxi-Cool are more energy efficient than server rooms because they cool the rack and not the room.
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Cabinet Cooling: Integrated Server Cooling Systems

Cooling server cabinets is an essential part of the technology infrastructure ubiquitous in the daily life of a business
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Close control cooling units

Close Control Cooling: Precision Cooled Server Units

Close control cooling, sometimes known as ‘precision cooling’, refers to cooling systems that retain tight control over...
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Expertise: Refining Practice & Staying at the Edge of Innovation.

Customer focus is imperative to the development of any business. Expert skills facilitate a bespoke approach to customer problems.
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circular economy

Energy Efficiency, Sustainability and a Circular Business

A continuous self-improvement is a form of efficiency and in this, we are interested in not only improving the efficiency but...
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