How To Cool a Server Rack

How to Cool a Server Rack

As the world's temperature rises, the urgency of server cooling becomes increasingly apparent. This blog aims to shed light on the various methods of cooling a server rack, a task that falls into two main categories:  passive cooling and active cooling. Both of these categories are not just important but crucial in our current climate. 
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Data Centre January

New Year Cooling

At Maxi-Cool we produce energy-efficient cooling systems for server racks and when we look at the technology trends for the coming years we are primarily interested in the trends in server cooling
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Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings and the use of Server Cooling

Smart building features are all around us and commonplace, like the lights going on when we use the bathroom in a museum. What seems like a relatively minor feature of modern life is part of a major technological development that is set to expand throughout new buildings and to be integrated into older and listed buildings in the future.
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