Existing micro data centres often lack the power and cooling capacity to support the fast-moving IT functions and demands in businesses. Our director & founder of MAXI-COOL® James Garson, identified the problem and developed a solution for high-density in-rack cooling.

The primary objective in developing MAXI-COOL® was to provide a powerful rack-mounted server cooling system that was more effective than conventional environmental cooling techniques and that did not require any externally mounted condensers. Having achieved this they have also achieved a system that is portable, will allow the racks to be fully stocked and is quiet enough for people to work alongside. MAXI-COOL® is a patented design and engineered and manufactured in the UK.


MAXI-COOL® cabinet systems can be locked, securing your valuable hardware.


MAXI-COOL® systems are acoustically insulated to minimise the noise from the servers. The unit itself emits less than 65db.


MAXI-COOL® technology eliminates hot-spots and keeps servers working faster and with greater reliability than conventional server cooling methods.
Building The Future of Precision Server Rack Cooling

Cooling Solutions with Efficient, Cutting-Edge Technology

MAXI-COOL® has been built on engineering excellence crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the European server market.

MAXI-COOL® technology is efficient and cheaper to run than conventional server cold rooms, saving you money.
Allows cooling in places conventional air conditioning is not suitable or allowed. For example rented offices or any space where an external condenser box is not possible, such as tower blocks.
Quick to Install
Installation of the MAXI-COOL® is quick and easy, all you need some space and a three-pin plug or UPS.
MAXI-COOL® reduces the carbon footprint of the user. Our units only cool the equipment inside the cabinet, not everything inside the room as with conventional cooling.

Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.


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