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Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.
Build Your Own Data Centre

Maxi-Cool Gemini

Gemini Server Cooling Unit

The Maxi-Cool GEMINI system is a flexible close control server cooling system, supporting micro datacentres for small and medium-sized installations. With powerful cooling starting at 5kW, you can configure your own data centre on a modular basis without the need for cold and hot aisle containment or raised floors. The Maxi-Cool Gemini is therefore suitable for spaces that are too dusty and unfit for conventional systems and is a significant addition to our range of patented and proven enclosure cooling technology.

Each Maxi-Cool Gemini module gives active precision cooling that cools the rack and not the room. It is a significant improvement in energy-efficient server cooling, using less energy for the equivalent server cooling power as conventional air conditioning. It is therefore a sustainable green alternative to traditional air conditioning in server rooms, with the additional advantage of lower running costs. Furthermore, the Gemini, as part of the Maxi-Cool range, is recyclable and returnable at the end of life, making it a greener and more environmentally responsible server cooling choice. 

Maxi-Cool Gemini is fully customisable allowing for bespoke cabinet layouts and specific cooling capacities. Options for a built-in backup ventilation system that provides a backup cooling capacity are available. It provides a scalable, agile, and flexible server cooling solution that has a modular format allowing you to create your own data centre that can be modified over time as your requirements change, responding to your precise server cooling needs. There are a number of security options (whether that’s incorporating your existing security infrastructure or one of our locking systems) and paint finishes available. The Maxi-Cool Gemini is also available in a travel case version, making it fully transportable. All our products are produced in the UK, sold with 12 months’ parts, and labour warranty and service contracts are available.


The Gemini cabinet cooling system maximises efficiency and minimises power consumption by only cooling the cabinet.

Mobile versions in flight cases are available, using rugged quick-fit connections between the cabinet and the condenser. We can supply cabinets of all sizes and specifications with cooling systems of 5kW capacity and upwards.

Maxi-Cool GEMINI allows you to configure the exact micro data centre that you need. As the system recycles the air inside the cabinet it can be used in environments where ambient air is unfiltered.

How It Works

The Gemini system feeds cool air to the intakes of all the servers, eliminating the possibility of hot spots inside the cabinet. As the air passes through the servers it cools them and absorbs their rejected heat. This heated air passes through an evaporator where it is cooled down and fed back to the servers intakes and the cycle is repeated. It is a closed loop, so dirt and moisture are kept out of the cabinet. Meanwhile, the coolant in the evaporator, having been heated up by the air is passed to an external condenser where it is cooled down and returned to the evaporator to repeat the process. As the condenser is separate from the cabinet, waste heat from the cabinet can be rejected into a room or space separate from the cabinet.

Key Benefits

Patented and proven Maxi-Cool Enclosure Cooling technology, engineered and manufactured in the UK.
Create your own data centre. An agile server cooling solution.
Starting at 6kW, a flexible & powerful cooling option.
Whatever your need, we can create a bespoke cooling solution for your industry.
Available as a travel case and is a fully customisable design.
Uses less energy than CAC. Recyclable and returnable at the end of life
Low Running Costs
Active precision cooling that cools the cabinet only, not the whole server room.


MAXI-COOL® takes the form of a neat cabinet with an array of design options. They can be used in small spaces, making them an ideal solution for offices or listed buildings without dedicated server rooms.
We cater for micro datacentres for small to medium-sized installations, there is no need for hot and cold aisle containment.
MAXI-COOL® server cooling solutions are sold with 12 months parts and labour warranty. Maintenance contracts are available after the warranty period expires. Instructions for keeping the air filters clean are included.