A Maxi-Cool Gemini User Story

One of our customers is a construction company, and they fit out offices in the city of London. The problems often faced by tenants in office blocks in the city of London are the air conditioning services and the extent to which the landlord controls it. Access to air conditioning will be available as part of the lease during office hours – typically 8 am – 5 pm, Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours, the air conditioning will be off.

The end user, in this instance, processes customer data 24/7. They require access to cooling to support busy servers daily, every day, and every day of the year. The office space is high up in a tower block without access to the outside area and vents and was impossible to make any alternation to the outside of the building.

server for tower blockThe options to provide cooling for the servers were to build a server room and access additional air conditioning from the landlord for an additional fee or to find another solution. While building a server room was relatively straightforward, cooling the room became an issue. The idea of a server room became unviable due to the extra cost of the additional air conditioning required.

We supplied a Maxi-Cool Gemini to solve the problem of needing to keep servers cool without an air-conditioned server room and without needing to make any changes to the building. Our customer located the Gemini cabinets in a secure room and placed the split condenser so the condenser could vent the waste heat into the ample office space. A backup ventilation system fitted into the cabinets runs off a UPS providing constant cooling for the servers. Maxi-Cool Gemini provides a cost-effective solution for our customers for their present situation and also allows them to relocate in the event of the end of their lease.

For more information, visit https://maxi-cool.co.uk/Gemini or call 01733873262 to discuss your server cooling requirements today!

Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.