A Maxi-Cool Gemini User Story

Audio Visual Case Study

Maxi-Cool users are varied and from many different sectors of business life. In this series, we continue to identify and showcase Maxi-Cool users for their particular use of Maxi-Cool to support their activities.

One of our customers is a provider of AV platform software.  Our customer supplies their products to broadcasters and performers making international entertainment, news, and sports events used to create live and virtual performances, events, and broadcasts. The software provides a platform for creatives to add content to produce unique audio-visual products. In addition to selling software, our customer sells computer hardware in the form of servers with preinstalled software. These servers are also available and housed in a cabinet. Our customer’s objective is to provide a plug-and-play software and hardware platform for film and TV production and broadcasting. 

Portable, Movable and Cooled Server Cabinet

Our customer approached us at Maxi-Cool because they needed a cooled cabinet in their offices in London. Maxi-Cool has supplied a Maxi-Cool Halo (TM5) to this AV software developer. In the studio and offices, the Maxi-Cool TM5 and cabinet houses and cools the servers that develop and create simulations and test software for customers. The TM5 is suitable for this customer as it is a portable, moveable cabinet and cooling system. They have relocated the servers frequently due to the changing demands on the studio created by the business expansion and were able to do this because the TM5 is independent of the infrastructure of their building.

The Maxi-Cool TM5 and the Maxi-Cool Gemini are available in various cabinet sizes and are ideal for AV software using businesses of any size or scale. AV software is powerful and generates significant amounts of heat. The settings of many events necessitate using servers in a cabinet rather than the cloud. Therefore, user-friendly, portable, moveable, accessible, and highly secure cabinets are essential. The cabinets also need to be standalone and autonomous, where their use does not require any alterations to any building, event site, or location. Production companies and performers need flexibility between venues and the option to use their cabinets inside or outside. In addition, it is possible to redirect and waste heat into offices or studio spaces for use in heating. 

If you are involved with audio-visual and event production, please get in touch to discuss how we can support your process through state-of-the-art server cooling. We would love to hear from you via telephone: at 01733 873262, or via email at info@maxi-cool.co.uk, or visit the website for more information https://maxi-cool.co.uk

Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.