A Maxi-Cool Gemini User Story

A factory owner contacted us, hoping that Maxi-Cool could be a solution for their hot server cabinet.

The customer runs a family-owned factory. This business keeps all its data, and the servers also run the machines in the factory. The site is dusty, and the server cabinet is kept in a windowless basement coexisting with a storage area and a quiet office. The scenario provided by the customer required solutions to two main problems: firstly, to keep the rack cool, and secondly, to support a quiet working space.  

The factory has a closed server rack in constant use; therefore, it always gets very hot. The enclosure doors are permanently left open so the servers can run efficiently. The open doors meant the quiet office had become very hot and noisy. Initial inquiries about addressing these problems concluded that the subterranean nature of the basement ruled out conventional air conditioning as an option.  

server in basement

The business owner wanted to keep their existing server rack because replacing it would be expensive and time-consuming. The customer asked if we could retrofit the Gemini cooling system to their cabinet. A Gemini retrofit was a straightforward request, and it took one of our engineers just a few hours to fit half of the Gemini system into the customer’s cabinet, connect the condenser, and test.

The installation of the Maxi-Cool Gemini in the cabinet has been a very successful solution for this particular customer. Maxi-Cool Gemini as a retrofit is a cost-effective solution. The fitting creates minimal disruption and is a modest capital outlay. The Maxi-Cool Gemini cooling system provides powerful 5kW cooling, so their servers run efficiently, and the quiet office is habitable and suitable for working again.

For more information, visit https://maxi-cool.co.uk/gemini or call 01733873262 to discuss your server cooling requirements today!

Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.