A Maxi-Cool TM5 User Story

server cabinet in universityMaxi-Cool customers are many and varied. This article highlights the use of Maxi-Cool Enclosure Cooling systems in the university education sector.

A university in England approached us at MAXI-COOL® to support the development of a cyber range as part of their offering of IT education. A cyber range is a virtual environment used for cybersecurity, cyberwarfare training, simulation or emulation and development technologies related to cybersecurity. Their scale can vary drastically, from just a single node to an internet-like network. The software and hardware to set up a cyber range is complex and powerful. As a consequence, the hardware generates a considerable amount of heat.

MAXI-COOL® was recommended to the university by one of their software suppliers working in the field of cyber security and who had been successfully using Maxi-Cool Enclosures themselves. The university chose a HALO TM5 because it required 5kW of cooling and a 36U cabinet. The university chose a smaller than standard cabinet. A 36U cabinet was possible for the site because the cooling system design allows fully stacked cabinets; therefore, the extra space of a 42U was redundant. The 36U also made a more compact and flexible unit for the university to relocate as required.

The Universities IT Department

The cabinet and cooler were delivered and commissioned by our engineers and positioned with the support of the university staff. The university wanted the cabinet and cooling system delivered during the site’s construction. We supplied construction industry-approved RAMS to meet all the necessary health and safety regulations to achieve this.

We subsequently supplied another smaller Maxi-Cool for use in new open-plan departmental offices. Like many in the UK, the university is developing and has an ongoing building schedule of new offices and departmental spaces. The second MAXI-COOL® enclosure delivered to the building project was our Halo 18U TM5. The brief was a small cabinet to house the servers required by a new departmental office. These servers support edge computing and remote working. They also house some operation critical data for the department and connect the department to the university computer network.

MAXI-COOL® provided a 5kW cooling capacity in a flexible and portable 18U cabinet. Maxi-Cool enclosures offer enhanced security with various locking systems, making them suitable for server storage in any space. MAXI-COOL® data cabinets offer reliable and efficient server cabinet cooling that is quiet enough to work alongside and can move to support the changing needs of workspaces.

If you would like to discuss your edge computing and cooling requirements, please get in touch by phone at 01733873262 or by email at info@maxi-cool.co.uk

Fully Customisable Server Rack Cooling

MAXI-COOL® cabinets can be manufactured in any RAL colour of your choice. We can also accommodate any company logo requirements taking into account your corporate brand guidelines.