Cabinet Cooling: Integrated Server Cooling Systems

Cooling server cabinets is an essential part of the technology infrastructure ubiquitous in the daily life of a business, and an effectively cooled cabinet is the component that makes everything run smoothly. Whether in a data centre, where the rack is the basic unit, edge computing, or micro data centres for in-house data storage and processing, adequately cooled racks are vital.

Servers in cabinets that are not successfully cooled are prone to damage and have a shortened lifespan due to overheating. Every router, server, and switch must have adequate airflow to perform correctly—the poor function of servers and parts results in costly replacement parts and time-consuming repairs. Additionally, slow and unreliable IT systems create downtime and can negatively affect a business’s reputation.  

Server cooling has three categories:  passive cooling, data centre cooling, and integrated rack cooling. Integrated rack cooling is the subject of this article. Within the category, there are two types:  packaged systems and split systems. Both systems have features that make them an efficient and practical choice for cabinet cooling. 

A packaged server cabinet cooling system is a compact monoblock cooling system design without an external condenser. The primary advantage of a packaged rack cooling system is that the system only cools the rack and not the room in which the rack is located.  This feature results in significantly reduced energy consumption; therefore, this type of cooling is cheaper to run and can maintain precise temperatures within the cabinet. Integrated cabinet cooling is designed as part of the cabinet to utilise rack space and eliminate hotspots. This feature makes it space-saving and able to stand alone. Additionally, there is no need to modify a building to accommodate the cabinet. These systems are on castors and can be repositioned or relocated easily.    The cooling per footprint of an integrated cooling system is very high and explicitly designed for the cooling requirements of servers and server rack equipment.

Split system integrated server cooling systems are racks that have separate condensers. They share the precision of a packaged cooling system and have the same low power consumption for cooling. The temperature is tightly controlled and maintained within a few degrees, and the system is portable and flexible. These systems are designed specifically for servers and provide precision cooling for all types of equipment. A split system is suitable for locating in a closed space for complete security and the marginal waste heat ejected outside. 

Integrated server cooling systems are an efficient method of server cooling regardless of the size of your installation. Integrated cooling could be a great advantage to your business, especially if it is in a listed building, processes data using complex software, or is in a rented office (and might need to relocate).  

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