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Server Racks: The Foundation of IT Functions

Server racks are one of the essential building blocks of any IT function. At Maxi-Cool, we produce cooling systems for server cabinets, and server racks are a part of our product range. So, what are server racks? Why are they necessary? How are server racks measured? What are the features of the Maxi-Cool server racks that are part of our Halo TM5, Gemini and Mercury enclosure cooling systems?

What is a server rack?

A server rack is an enclosed structure to hold and organise IT equipment and house mission-critical IT equipment in data centres and individual businesses. A server cabinet allows servers to be neatly stacked where they are accessible, more easily monitored, secure, and allow for manageable airflow. A server rack houses and organises critical IT systems configured to support various requirements, they are versatile, flexible and scalable. Most rack servers are stationery and made from metal. However, some are portable, for example, those used in military installations. Portable racks have carrying cases, dust-proof shields, mobile cooling equipment, rubberised bumpers, and other design elements that make it possible to keep their server systems on the go.

Why are server racks necessary?

Server racks provide consolidated server and network control while in one place. Having servers neatly and securely stored in enclosure racks allows for coordinated and protected data processing resources and saves time for IT managers and network technicians. These racks are scalable and easily configured to incorporate new servers, they are space-saving and create a neat profile when lined up or ‘banked’ and are easily repositioned and relocated. Having servers neatly and securely stored in enclosure racks allows for coordinated and protected data processing resources.

How are the racks measured?

The 19-inch server rack is the standardised size frame or enclosure for mounting computer equipment. It allows dense hardware configurations without taking up much floor space or shelving. The server rack depth is the distance between the front rail to the back of the back rail. The Rack Unit (U or RU) is the unit of measurement used to define the vertical space available in an equipment rack and relates to both the server rack and the equipment within the rack. It is standardised as multiples of 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) or one rack unit or “U”. A standard 42U rack means a single server cabinet that can hold forty-two (42) 1U devices or any combination of 1U, 2U, 3U or other rack unit heights that add up to 42 or less.

Maxi-Cool Server Racks – Enclosure Cooling Solutions

Maxi-Cool server cabinets and racks are highly designed within their specification and construction. They are made in the UK and ordered to include a range of sizes and special features with minimal lead times. Maxi-Cool server cabinets are IP54 rated, dust-proof and splash-proof; they are sold on durable castors and are suitable for relocation and transport. All racks are available with or without the Maxi-Cool Enclosure Cooling systems. The TM5 and Gemini versions have integrated active cooling, and the Mercury has passive cooling and active cooling can be retrofitted. Maxi-Cool server racks have solid front and back doors and removable side panels for easy installation and management. The doors of our cabinets come with a lock as standard and can be fitted with digital locks for additional security as required. In addition, we offer cable management solutions and fire suppression systems.

If you would like any additional information about Maxi-Cool’s products, please contact us via our online form or call us  01733 873262.