portable server racks

Portable Server Racks with Cooling.

When we think of servers (and server racks) we probably think about work. Notably the type of 9 to 5 work conducted in offices at desks with individuals using computers that both generate and consume data.  This is perfectly reasonable as servers of all types are the backbone of modern offices and indispensable to the functioning of most, if not all offices.  In this context, businesses use a combination of remote and local servers depending on the nature of their work and location.  All servers need cooling to function properly and the scale and type of rack cooling will reflect the server applications that are appropriate to each location.

The dependence of work on server function means that some server racks need to be located in places that are often far away from the static and purpose-built server rooms that are found in satellite business parks.  Many server racks need to be mobile and portable as they are required in temporary office setups where there are short-term leases and shared spaces.  Server racks are therefore found in stairwells, cupboards and basements and basically anywhere where work is conducted, and data is processed and created as the changing nature of traditional working environments necessitates demand for flexible server racks and rack cooling.

The required flexibility of servers in modern life is more obvious in the world of sport and leisure as servers are an essential and often underestimated part of modern sporting events and leisure activities. Data capture is the fabric of televised sports and the use of systems like the TMO at football and rugby matches generates additional data for analysis in real-time and subsequently. Sporting venues have purpose-built server rooms much like offices however visiting teams will often have portable servers for their own coaching purposes.  Sometimes teams will have essential servers that are critical to their event.  In Formula 1, for example, the teams arrive at a venue to race and server racks will be part of the racing set-up.  These are used to analyse and processes data before, during and after the race itself.  Flexible and portable rack cooling that caters for the volume of data and the ambient temperature of the trackside location is also essential to the execution of the race. 

Portable and mobile server racks are also essential to the smooth running of music festivals, concerts and outdoor cinema events, both in the delivery of the music and the management of the event itself.  Where the setup of a venue is required in a field, everything is required to be brought to each site and portable servers in manageable server racks facilitate the delivery and smooth running of events.  Additionally, portable servers are required for stage setups and the delivery of the sound and lighting for individual acts. Equally these portable servers allow bands and performers to move around events and are ideally light enough to be put in the back of a van and rolled into place as required.  Integrated rack cooling is desirable in this instance as it creates a neat and easily handled solution to the necessity of requiring servers at venues.

In short, servers are everywhere. They function best in server racks with integrated cooling and provide us with access to all the things we are used to and enjoy in work, sport and leisure in 2020.  The optimum functioning of all servers through adequate rack cooling should be a priority.

Maxi-cool manufacture portable cooled server cabinets for mobile events like, Music festivals, Radio-TV stations, Sporting/Racing events and any other industry which has sophisticated equipment that needs proper cooling. Our cabinets come in various sizes, they can be branded and manufactured in your own colour and all cabinets are made to easily roll-on roll-off vehicles. For more info visit our Homepage or contact us on 01733 873262 for a quote.