Micro data centres

Reconsider the role and significance of microdata in your business

On many levels, the idea of having anything other than remotely held data in your business is somewhat old fashioned. Modern life and business is dominated and orchestrated by the complex and global cloud networks that keep us all connected and functioning. Mostly, these systems are highly sophisticated operational tools and allow us in business to successfully function in a global marketplace in multiple time zones.

But what happens if there is a period when everything doesn’t run normally? Those circumstances are exceptional or is there a hiatus in services that we have come to accept as normal? In the Covid-19 crisis we possibly we find ourselves thinking about independence rather than connectedness. We may feel the need to prioritise and secure individual and business-specific operational data. The current exceptional circumstances have encouraged us to have a think about the value of micro datacentres.

Micro datacentres are typically a rack of servers or rack cooled cabinets which you might have in your office, hallway, stairwell or basement on your premises. These racks include servers that might store critical operational data, specifically confidential data, historical data and depending on the nature of the business include patches, comms and servers with large processing power. These racks are found usually but not exclusively, in businesses without access to or space for a server room. These units are, for those who have them, invaluable, providing functionality in mission-critical data daily. Intelligent use of a micro datacentre often in conjunction with cloud-based storage systems can optimise the ability of a business to access mission-critical data at any time. In this regard, the implementation of a micro datacentre in any business that is dependent on data can minimise the risk and dependency on the large networks. Allowing that business to keep functioning in the event of a crisis.

Micro datacentres are neat and economical to run and can offer a physically secure storage unit. The use of micro datacentres can support sophisticated equipment and if properly cooled can support servers with extremely high processing power and without latency issues. Primarily micro datacentres allow businesses the flexibility to control and customise data storage and therefore offer business some autonomy in their data storage in a largely inter-dependent world.

If you would like to discuss the use of a micro datacentre in your business give us a call!