the development IT hardware to support new software

Sustainability, Web3, and Edge Computing: What to expect in 2023

Server cooling is our primary occupation at Maxi-Cool, but we work within the broader tech space and are interested in the new year trends and forecasts. The tech space is positive and forward-looking and explores new functions, identifying new problems and solutions. Therefore in 2023, we are looking forward to new ideas, improvements, and refinements to established ideas and practices in software and hardware infrastructure. This article aims to identify some key trends for 2023 from a survey of tech commentators.


The Development of Hardware to Support new Software

The significance of sustainability and green tech is an overarching tech theme in 2023 as the drive toward net zero gathers pace. This week, it is evident in the agenda of international geopolitical and business meetings, like Davos. Specifically, however, the primary shifts expected by the commentators in 2023 relate to Web3 software and developments in AI, Blockchain, the Metaverse, and the IoT. The development of IT hardware to support new software is expected, especially with the continued and increasing significance of edge computing.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) Growth

Forecasters expect that AI (Artificial Intelligence) developments in 2023 will increase the symbiosis of machines and people. The platforms will become easier to use, and this, in turn, will make them more popular. As people develop a greater understanding of the platforms, this will improve trust and, in turn, support the adoption of new and existing AI in business. Similarly, companies will increasingly use platforms and software already used in the Metaverse. The collaborative virtual 3D shared space created by converging virtually enhanced physical and digital reality also called the immersive internet, and virtual scenarios seen in gaming could become incorporated into business functions like human resources as a learning and teaching tool.


Blockchain Security

Businesses will use blockchain to improve the provenance and authenticity of products and services. In a blockchain, data can only be added to a chain and not changed; therefore, the data is secure, and no one controls the data, addressing the issue of digital trust. Businesses can store data and information independently with confidence. Forecasters suggest that the increased use of blockchain will enhance the credibility of brands and reduce the amount of fraud in buying and selling goods.


Interconnection of Devices (IoT) Development

Commentators have suggested that the IoT will continue to develop this year. The IoT represents the interconnection of devices and data storage and collection points. The IoT can enable better safety, efficiency, and decision-making for businesses as data is collected and analyzed. Forecasts suggest that by 2030 around 50 billion of these IoT devices will be in use worldwide, creating a massive web of interconnected devices spanning everything from smartphones to kitchen appliances.


Edge Computing Trend

Edge computing will be a significant trend in the hardware space in 2023 due to software developments that link the cloud and the data use points. Edge computing bypasses the latency caused by cloud computing and gets data to a data centre for processing. Mini data centres can be closer to where computing needs to happen. For this reason, edge computing processes time-sensitive data in remote locations with limited connectivity to a centralized location. Edge computing is also developing to link the continued use of mainframe computing in large businesses and the cloud, supporting the continued use and functionality of trusted core legacy systems with the expansive capabilities of emerging technologies.


Increased Importance of Server Cooling Systems

The increased use of local servers and micro datacentres highlights the importance of cooling systems to ensure the adequate function of the software designed to achieve improved efficiencies and connectivity for business. A micro data centre could become a crucial conduit for companies to secure data and improve their products, services, and reputation.

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