Industrial Servers & Manufactures

The team at Maximise Engineering Services has developed Maxi-Cool Enclosure Cooling Systems. Maximise is an engineering services company that provides expert services to sheet metal fabrication businesses in the UK. The development of Maxi-Cool, therefore, is grounded in an expert understanding of sheet metal fabrication. Our sheet metal manufacturing expertise has inspired the Maxi-Cool’s development and fuels design innovations. Beyond inspiration, we have found that Maxi-Cool can also be deployed in such factories as it provides solutions to the unique set of IT considerations seen in factories in the UK.

Manufacturing & Production Industries

Manufacturing is one of the production industries, including mining, electricity, water & waste management, and oil & gas extraction. In 2021, the manufacturing sector accounted for 9.8% of the total UK economic output (Gross Value Added). In July-September 2022, it accounted for 8.1% of jobs. The UK is the 9th largest manufacturing nation in the world, and the average wages are higher than the rest of the economy. reports that the revenue of the manufacture of fabricated metal products will amount to £46.60bn in 2023. An annual growth rate of 1.93% is expected (CAGR 2023-2027). The total number of enterprises amounted to 26,301 in 2019.

In the broadest sense, sheet metal fabrication refers to turning flat sheets of steel or aluminium into metal structures or products by cutting, punching, folding, and assembling, using various techniques, including cutting, bending, and assembly. Sheet metal fabrication sites are sometimes purpose-built, but more frequently, they have grown organically and are a collection of buildings and conversions. Often shop floors in the UK have very limited and tightly defined space. Some sheet metal factories make their product, for example, office furniture or datacentres. Other sheet metal factories are subcontractors in so far as they make other people’s products to order. Subcontractors might make electronic components or parts for the construction industry. Sheet metal fabrication factories range in size from large corporate businesses to small family-owned and operated factories.

The Role of IT in Factories

The role of IT in these factories is critical to all aspects of the business. The IT infrastructure sends programs to the machines and creates 3D modelling of products and CAD programs. Both design engineers in offices and production often use complex engineering simulation software. All the factory machines’ software is stored on-site, including any old programs and drawings. Beyond the shop floor, the business functions also require IT in accounts, payroll purchase ledger, and stock control.   The storage servers are usually located in the factory offices, not on shop floors. The offices can be very hot or cold as a small part of an industrial unit. They are often exposed to the street and made dusty and dirty by the activity of the shop floor.

Built for Business

We can redirect the waste heat from the Maxi-Cool cooling system to heat the offices in the winter.

Maxi-Cool Enclosures are highly suitable for this type of environment. The cabinets are rated IP 54, which is dust and water safe. The Maxi-Cool cooling system activates when the temperature within the cabinet reaches a set point making Maxi-Cool an efficient cooling and energy-saving device. We can redirect the waste heat from the Maxi-Cool cooling system to heat the offices in the winter. Maxi-Cool units are lockable and secure. Maxi-Cool Cooling cabinets are on castors and can be relocated instantly within a factory or if the factory moves to another site.