Expertise: Refining Practice & Staying at the Edge of Innovation.

In recent years the developments in server cooling solutions reflect the shifts in British manufacturing and technology sectors towards an increased focus on offering innovative and bespoke solutions. The role of expertise is crucial to this trend as, without informed and creative individuals, the capacity to create anything bespoke in manufacturing is limited. Maximise Engineering and Maxi-Cool server cooling solutions are businesses and products built by experts and run by experts.

With customer focus imperative to the development of any business, the role of the expert in this development is fundamental. Expert skills facilitate a bespoke approach to customer problems and are the cornerstone of product and service innovation.   Expertise in any field grows in a variety of ways. Sometimes it emerges from academic backgrounds, scholarships, research grants, and the like. Moreover, expertise is enhanced and consolidated by decades of experience dealing with setbacks, unique problems, and challenging circumstances. A combination of ‘real-world’ experience, a firm grasp of academic concepts, and advances in research create the ideal expert role in business. Successful technical expertise in a company is capable of the flexibility and speed required in industry with the sound principles of the academics behind them.

Technical expertise constantly evolves in business, and best practices are updated as we learn more about a topic. As technological advances in terms of new parts and energy-efficient options become available, there are always new uses for them that, in turn, create exciting alternatives for current practices. The iterative process of trial and test for efficacy and efficiency, review, and then implement or discard is the routine work of any technical expertise. At Maximise Engineering and Maxi-Cool, we routinely check existing models with a view to improvements. We are especially interested in reducing the chances of failure, learning from existing flaws, inefficiencies, or consistent errors, and then working on plans to reduce or eliminate these. 

The technical expertise at Maximise Engineering and Maxi-Cool are related and symbiotic. Maximise Engineering has evolved to create highly efficient mechanisms for fixing mechanical problems and identifying the best practices for diagnosing, treating, and solving symptoms and underlying issues. An understanding of the processes of manufacturing sheet metal and manufacturing underpins the creation and manufacture of Maxi-Cool cooling solutions and micro datacentres.

Maxi-Cool, as a product, emerged from conversations with Maximise customers and was specifically designed to meet the need for powerful cooling for densely packed server racks in confined spaces without air conditioning. Subsequent iterations on the original 4kW cooling system have revolved around what customers in this market need and have led to the creation of a 5kW top mount cooling system and the Gemini system with a remote condenser. Technical expertise is the most crucial aspect of Maximise Engineering and Maxi-Cool and ensures the flexibility and customer focus of all our products and services. 

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