Maxi-Cool’s Parent Company Maximise Engineering Services, Celebrates 20 years in Business

James Garson founded Maximise Engineering in 2003. After leaving Birmingham University in 1989, he began his career in manufacturing production, starting as a technical supervisor on a shop floor in Wales and moving on to 13 years as an engineer for a global machine tool builder. In 2003 he decided to branch out independently and started Maximise Engineering Services Ltd.

In the past 20 years, James has grown the business to include four key areas: automation, machine sales, parts and services, and the design and build of our product, Maxi-Cool. Customer satisfaction and service have been the company’s primary objectives in all business areas. The development of Maxi-Cool as a product reflects the symbiotic nature of Maximise and Maxi-Cool. It reflects a growing skill set in both the possibilities within fabrication techniques and machinery and in heat exchange products within both businesses and a commitment to sustainability and UK manufacturing.

One of James’ main interests is in automation in sheet metal fabrication, particularly for punch presses and lasers. While automation has become ubiquitous in some manufacturing areas in the UK in the last 30 years, automation in sheet metal is less prevalent. The resistance to automation, as too complex for small-scale shop floors, is an everyday conversation. James would argue that automation is no more complicated than any machine tool once set up correctly and well-supported. Small sheet loaders and robots can dramatically improve productivity and reduce long-term costs. Robots are easily re-configured, allowing for the design of new products and layouts, and automation can expand production volume. Automation frees individuals from repetitive jobs enabling them to work in other areas. In addition, running ‘lights out’ supports net zero and sustainability goals for businesses.

As well as an interest in automation, James has spent the last 20 years supplying machines for customers on request. We only carry stock for the occasional small punch, laser, or loader and instead offer a bespoke machine-finding service that is tailor-made to each customer. We start with the customer first familiarising ourselves with the parameters of the site and the desired production outcome. We then work with a network of dealers, including those in Europe, to find a suitable machine for each customer. In addition, we supply a range of new and used parts for a wide range of machines and offer service and breakdown covers for punch presses and lasers.

In addition to the machine tool business, James has developed the Maxi-Cool range of energy-efficient server-cooling products. James has maintained a keen interest in product design and cooling systems. When one of our Maximise customers identified the need for an efficient 4kW plus cooling system that would work in a server cabinet, James explored this idea and designed and patented Maxi-Cool. Maxi-Cool has so far developed to include a 5kW top mount version and the Gemini and the Mercury Maxi-Cool systems. We are developing a new product called Jupiter, which redirects waste heat from servers to heat offices and factories. The Maxi-Cool range is energy efficient, requiring less power for the amount of cooling achieved and space-saving. Iterations use the most energy-efficient and sustainable refrigerants. Everything we make is designed and built in the UK in line with our belief in the importance and value of British manufacturing.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us at Maximise and Maxi-Cool in the last 20 years. We look forward to developing and growing, supporting our existing customers in the future, and meeting new customers.