Mercury Server Cabinets

Build your Cooling as You Build your Heatload

Maxi-Cool is delighted to announce the launch of our latest server rack cooling solution:  The Maxi-Cool Mercury“.

The Maxi-Cool Mercury is a ventilated cabinet ideally suited for users requiring light-load cabinet cooling in limited spaces. The ventilation system provides a stream of filtered cooling air to the equipment inside and is integrated into the cabinets. The ventilation system is quiet and runs on a standard 3-pin wall plug. The Mercury cabinets have all the hallmarks of the Maxi-Cool quality. Securely mounted on castors, are easily portable and are available in a wide range of sizes and finishes. The cabinets are customisable, robust, IP54 rated, and are made in the UK with highly reactive lead times. The Mercury is sold with 12 months’ parts and labour warranty. 

The Maxi-Cool Mercury is unique and designed to retrofit with higher specification Maxi-Cool cooling systems, the Halo or the Gemini, without needing to change the cabinets. The Maxi-Cool Mercury is an introduction to Maxi-Cool systems. You can improve your cooling without changing your cabinet as your heat load increases. In this respect, the additional cooling becomes a bolt-on in the same way as you would add software. The Maxi-Cool Mercury is a stand-alone solution if your heat load never increases.

With the increase in edge computing discussed many times on this page, even those businesses using complex cloud computing services find that they require some servers to facilitate connectivity and sophisticated software. The housing of servers needs a server rack for safety and security. Even on a small scale, the servers will generate a heat load. The Maxi-Cool Mercury is the first step in cooling at the edge. As the heat loads increase with more complicated software, we can support the increased cooling requirement by retrofitting the Maxi-Cool Halo or the Maxi-Cool Gemini. The choice of Halo or Gemini depends on the cooling required and the available space limitations. Modular cooling systems are a flexible and efficient way of managing hardware expansion and costs. Maxi-Cool products can contribute to future-proofing and planning server rack cooling by starting with the Mercury. 

Our mission is to provide energy-efficient cooling for server cabinets and innovations for business. We produce cooling solutions for server racks in unusual spaces with specific limitations and considerations. We speak to all our customers to understand and identify their server cooling needs. We take our customer service very seriously, and all interactions with us involve people with the knowledge and expertise to provide suggestions and products for your needs.